Recycling: a profession anyone can practice

  • Aubervilliers, France, June 2018, photos Pascal Garret, fieldwork carried out with Bénédicte Florin

We met this recycler in Aubervilliers, in front of a wholesale scrap merchant, to whom he intends to sell his day’s collection. In response to our questions, he clarifies that he is French and does not want to be associated in any with the “Roms” or gypsies who are “scrap workers”. He used to be a construction worker, but as he was badly paid he did not earn enough to feed his family. He left his job to travel the Paris agglomeration searching for metal he can sell. On average he earns 1300 euros a month.
“ The advantage of recycling is that anyone practice this profession”

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Pascal Garret et Bénédicte Florin